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We at the Fool think that every delivery is an important one. Our designs are always current, handcrafted, extremely fresh, and seasonal. While there are but a few photos on the site it really comes down to what we have today.  We are happy to deliver specific desires with a few days notice. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.  We offer a variety of services for businesses.  Fresh floral arrangements, plants, snack baskets and out of town ordering through our network of associates.

Well that was a quick January.  It’s time to think about ‘VALENTINE’S DAY!!!’  Don’t let this one slip your mind with all that is going on or else something more important just might slip away.  Call now and place your order so the bliss of your present relationship will continue on the placid waters of love.  Risk not doing so at your own peril!!  Call now and  let us take good care of you, you won’t be sorry.

We can do any design to your specifications. Give us a call — 303.425.7093


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