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We at the Fool think that every delivery is an important one. Our designs are always current, handcrafted, extremely fresh, and seasonal. While there are but a few photos on the site it really comes down to what we have today.  We are happy to deliver specific desires with a few days notice. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.  We offer a variety of services for businesses.  Fresh floral arrangements, plants, snack baskets and out of town ordering through our network of associates.

Well its the Dog Days of Summer with the arrival of August.  when it seems too hot, let us send some “Cool” blooms to get you through the summer doldrums.  We are healthy and take all precautions to assure you of  a safe encounter of the floral kind.  Its easy to be stressed and depressed during these trying times, but just remember that we all have a choice to make.  We can be down and let the situation dictate our lives or we can choose to be positive and make a difference in someone’s life thus making our own that much better.  It really is up to us.  Choose wisely.

We can do any design to your specifications. Give us a call — 303.425.7093


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